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Hello Christopher,
    The Dreher and Kälber families are in my ancestors also,  and we have 
traced them back to the 1500's in Germany.
    The Dreher family appears in Trichtingen, in Württemberg  in the late 
1500's.  The earliest record that we have is that a man named  Jörg Dreher 
(or Dreer), from Neu Ravensburg, married Catrina Meyer in  Trichtingen.  He 
remained in Trichtingen with his new wife, and 200 years  later, his 
descendant, named Marcus Dreher, emigrates to the area near  Inowroclaw in 1782.  
Twenty years later, he moves again, to the village of  Bulkowo, Poland, where 
he dies in 1831.  His descendants lived in the Plock  area until 1945, when 
all Germans fled the advancing Russian Army.
    The Kälber (also Kelber) family comes from the village  of Öschelbronn, 
near Pforzheim, also in Württemberg.  This family moved  from Öschelbronn 
to Plock in 1803, traveling with a group of 90 people.   This was a 
significant event, because it represented almost 10% of the village's  population at 
the time.
    If you would like additional information about these  families, please 
let me know.
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I'm looking for traces of my ancestors; the families Dreher,  Kalber 
and Klaus who lived in the area Wiciejewo, Bielino,  Bulkowo, Makolin and
Nowe-Boryszewo in the near of Plock. At the  moment  I know very little 
my familys heritage as my mother was  very little when they fled to Germany
in january 1945 and my grandparents  never wanted to talk about their life 
Poland. What I do know is that my  grandmother Erna Dreher (born Kalber) was
the daughter of Robert and Olga  Kalber (Olga was born Klaus). Robert was 
teacher in Bielino.  

Erna married August Dreher in 1936 when she was 17 and he 24 years  old.
August dreher was Gottlieb and Amalie Dreher. 

August and Erna  were blessed with two children; my mother Elfriede born in
1938 and her  sister Helga born in 1941.

I have one information that the Kalbers came  wandering from the village
Öschelbronn outside Stuttgart in  1803 and  the Drehers came from Schwaben
about the same time. When I read the  Lackner-chronik about the village Nowe
Boryszewo my mother recognizes many  names, but not how they are related to
each other. What little my mother  recalls from her childhoods sphere is 
her aunt (Augusts sister Martha)  married a blacksmith who lived up the
village street and that to the farm  belonged an orchard with lots of cherry
trees. Her godfather was named  Vogel and owned many horses. 

Can someone please help me  getting started or if anyone has data about 
families or villages  please can pass this information on to me I will be
deeply  thankful.


Christopher  Köhler

Stockholm,  Sweden

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