[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Peterkoff

Gary Gomes ggomes at soundviewnet.com
Sat Jun 16 13:01:14 PDT 2012

One of my Lang/Lange relatives lists his birthplace on his WWI Registration
form as "Peterkoff" .  He was born October 31, 1887 and is the son of Andrew
Lang/Lange and Ernestina Unknown.  Census records describe the parents as
Germans from Russia or Russian Poland and the Hamburg ship record (1889)
lists the family's residence as Residence: Roschitsche, Russland


Many of my relatives (Langes, Gurels, Pries, Pudel, etc.) left the area a
around Lublin and Lutsk between 1888 and 1910, destined for Canada and
ending up in the Yorkton/Ebenezer SK area.


With this in mind, should I assume that "Peterkoff" is the same as Piotrkow
Pierwszy (Piotrokow), Lublin, Lubelskie??


I would appreciate any insight.


Gary Gomes


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