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Thanks for your hints.
is there a birth place given for the one born in  1864?
Nowiny means News. It could well be that Nowiny could be used  as 
"Neustadt" in German. Then this most likely the right place and the right  Ludwig 
Do you know what Secymin means? I did not find anything in  google 
translator from  Polish or Russian.
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I really do not know much about the  Secymin records.
But the volunteer who idexed these  records did include names of parens and 
birth place.  Unfortunately this  added information does not show on the 
Parish Records Index database,  yet.
The Ludwig born in 1864 appears to be an  illegimate birth.  
The one born in 1866 has birth place as  Nowiny.  This 'may' be another 
name for Neustadt. 
               Schlak, Ludwig B Aug 1864  Schlak,  Eleonore Secymin Secymin 
Nowy 97 1191910 B.L. Brandt  Schlak,  Ludwig B Apr 1866 Schlak,  Gottlieb 
Bohrau,  Rosalie Nowiny Secymin Nowy 50 1191910 B.L. Brandt
I do not see a marriage about 1890 for  this couple in the Secymin or 
Wyzogrod indexes.

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