[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Ratz Family - City/Province of Origin?

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I am adding to this conversation because Oconto County and nearby Shawano
County are the places that my family members from both sides
settled....mostly Oconto County, but the two counties border each other.

See the attachment above....and then do some research on the Oconto County
Genealogy page.  I think this may be your Ratz family.

Beth Burke
Verona, WI

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I think Al Muth has a very good suggestion that the location is a village in
Siedlce gubernia. I've seen this city and administrative district name
mangled on other North American records. The Wlodawa powiat was a "county"
sometimes located in Siedlecke, and other years in Lubelskie gubernia. I'm
familiar with many of the families who settled in Oconto County, Wisconsin
from Russian Poland. Several of us in SGGEE are combining efforts to search
through the relationships among those immigrants. Some of us even have Ratz
names in our ancestry from this region. If Joseph Ratz worked as a fisherman
there are two most likely choices. Along the Bug River which served as the
boundary between this region and Volhynia, a possible village could be
Zbereze. Or, the village could have been Brzezce in Lubelskie along the
Wisla/Vistula River. This river had lots of "traffic" along its route,
especially our ancestors as they emigrated through Poland. At that time,
Brzezce would have also been in Siedlecke, Garwolin "county."

Do you have other information related to his generation? What is wife Anna's
maiden name? Do you know his parents' names or those of any of his siblings?
Even the complete names of cousins, aunts and uncles might be useful. Any of
this information might help you find more records and locate the family in
Russian Poland.

Sigrid Pohl Perry

On 5/17/2013 1:27 PM, Robin wrote:
> The Ratz family are the first six on each list, but their names do not
appear on the passenger list supplement page. For reference, their names are
Joseph, Anna, Natalia, Hermann, Emil, and Heinrich.
> >

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