[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Variations of Surnames - Schindler

Gary Gomes ggomes at soundviewnet.com
Sun Sep 15 12:48:41 PDT 2013

My extended family group migrated from the Lutsk to Lublin region to Canada
between 1890 and 1915.  Family names include Lange, Pries, Gurel and
Schindler and I have found numerous intermarriages among the families.

I have found the SGGEE surname equivalence guide very useful as I search
among records of different locales and times, but I could use a little more
help (I have zero language skills in German, Polis or Russian):

Is there any likelihood that Schinschke is some variation of Schindler?
There is a 1886 record of marriage bans between my great grandmother
Caroline Gurel (later Pries) and an Adolf Heinrich Schinschke; I can find no
further records of Adolf, but wonder if he might be part of the
SchindlerSchindel/Schendel family.

Gary Gomes

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