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Schinske and Schindler and Schindel are all different German names, so 
far as I know.   The Lutheran pastors were all Germans, and they would  
almost always record a German name properly, unless they did not hear 
the name correctly, or later made the entry incorrectly from notes that 
they took at the time of the event.

If the record was recorded in the Catholic parish, however, the priests 
were always Poles who generally did not speak German, and they may or 
may not have recorded the German names correctly, and they may or may 
not have translated the German name into a Polish one.   Herein lies 
another problem with a Polish translation of a name, because several 
different German names with the same beginning might get translated into 
the same Polish surname.

If the record you are looking at seems to fit in all respects other than 
the surname, then look more closely at the record.   For instance, does 
the spouse or mother have the name of a know relative, are the witnesses 
names that you recognize, asnd is the village the same as you know where 
your family lived?  Recording mistakes were made, and it sometimes takes 
some sleuthing to figure out what is correct.

Gary Warner
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On 9/15/2013 12:48 PM, Gary Gomes wrote:
> My extended family group migrated from the Lutsk to Lublin region to Canada
> between 1890 and 1915.  Family names include Lange, Pries, Gurel and
> Schindler and I have found numerous intermarriages among the families.
> I have found the SGGEE surname equivalence guide very useful as I search
> among records of different locales and times, but I could use a little more
> help (I have zero language skills in German, Polis or Russian):
> Is there any likelihood that Schinschke is some variation of Schindler?
> There is a 1886 record of marriage bans between my great grandmother
> Caroline Gurel (later Pries) and an Adolf Heinrich Schinschke; I can find no
> further records of Adolf, but wonder if he might be part of the
> SchindlerSchindel/Schendel family.
> Gary Gomes
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