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Paul Rakow paul.edward.luther.rakow at desy.de
Sun Sep 15 13:34:04 PDT 2013

  Hallo Roland!

       As Jerry says, the original birth records are still in
  Zhitomir, and not easy to see.

       When did the Gross family come to Germany? If they came
  in the War years (1944), there may be files about the family
  genealogy that we can tell you about.

      I am very interested in the village Krasnoritschka.
  A relative of mine (Hugo Gruenke) was the school director
  there around 1935, I am trying to find out more about him.

                Paul Rakow

     Hallo Roland!

          Wann ist die Familie Gross zuruckgewandert?  Falls
  es um Kriegsende war, wird es wahrscheinlich Einwanderungs-
  und Einbuergerungsakten noch geben, mit viele Familiengeschichte
  drin enthalten.

       Ich selbst habe eine Interresse in Krasnoritschka.
  Ein Vetter meines Mutters war dort Lehrer und Schuldirector
  um 1935. Gibt's in Deine Familie Geschichten ueber
  Krasnoritschka zu Sowietische Zeiten?


                   Paul Rakow

  Jerry Frank <franklyspeaking at shaw.ca> wrote: 
> Krasnoritschka as you probably know is in the Zhitomir Parish.  You will not find any online databases that contain info for that time frame.
> Some post 1900 church records are available in Zhitomir.  SGGEE does not have copies of these records but is currently working with local people to obtain extractions.  Unfortunately this is a long term project and it may be another year or more before the results are available.
> Jerry
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>> From: "Roland Gross" <rolands_gross at web.de>
>> Hello, I am Looking for the parents of my grand grandfather 
>> Eduard Gross born 17.08.1908 in Krasnoritschka Wolhynia. i cant
>>  find anything about them in any database i have look. It
>>  looks like he is an Orphan! I knew he gots a few brothers
>>  and sister but only know one of them called Hulda Gross but
>>  also nozhing to find about her.
>> Thanks
>> Best regards from Germany
> Roland Gross
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