[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lipno Evangelical records in the Berlin Ev. Archives

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The Berlin Achieves are not online,  but Poland is on a fast-track to  get 
all digitized in time.  No word from Germany on digitizing.    I questioned, 
and obtained records from the Berlin EZA (_http://ezab.de_ 
(http://ezab.de/) ) several years ago at a very  reasonable fee.
There are  many Parish church records indexed, mostly Catholic - some  
Evangelical at:
When a village did not have, and wasn't near,  any Evangelic  church,  
they'd have their births, deaths & marriages recorded at a  nearby Catholic 
church.   I was able to find the births &  marriages of two generations of my 
own Lutheran ancestors (late 18th & early  19th centuries).  They lived in 
Jackowo, a German village,  and  registered at the Czernikowo Parish.    There 
are many German  names in a number of different parish indexes.
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Did someone here already look for Lipno Evangelical  records in the Berlin
Ev. Archives? Are these records online?
I'm  interested on birth records (year 1886) for Greben (German) near Lipno,
now  called Grabiny in Polish.

Thank you,
Eduardo Kommers
Looking for  Kommers, Kujat, Tomm,  Rohde.

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