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Sigrid gave a good summary of Polish marriage records.  Marriage records in 
Volhynian parish registers have less information than those in Poland.  The 
St. Petersburg Archive records are a copy of the original parish registers 
and in the case of marriages they are really only an index containing the 
names of the groom and bride and the date of marriage.  Available St. 
Petersburg Archive records go only to 1885 and consist of records from 
Zhitomir, Heimtal, and Rozyszcze parishes.

Original parish registers of Rozyszcze, Wladimir-Wolynsk, and Luck parishes 
to about 1905 are held in the AGAD Archive in Warsaw.  Digital scans are 
available online at http://www.agad.gov.pl/inwentarze/KsEA439x.xml  Usually 
the marriage records contain the names, ages, residences, birth places, and 
parents' names of the groom and bride.  In the case of a widowed groom or 
bride, the name of the deceased spouse is usually given in place of the 
parents' names.  The record does not indicate if the parents are deceased or 
if they are present at the marriage.  Many young persons married by the age 
of 20 and so one can usually assume that they still lived with their 
parents.  That a person is living can often be confirmed by seeing them 
listed as a godparent on baptism records.

Dick Stein

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> Betty,
> I'm sure someone else will post specifically about Volhynian records, but 
> I thought I'd give a more general answer because others may wonder about 
> this as well. I have indexed thousands of Lublin parish marriage records 
> and I've also seen many from other Polish parishes. Records compiled into 
> a table will provide the names of the parents, but will rarely indicate 
> whether they are living. Full Napoleonic paragraph records will usually 
> indicate where the parents live or if one or both are deceased. If the 
> widowed mother has re-married, sometimes her new surname will be given if 
> she lives in the area. If the bride and/or groom is widowed, the name of 
> the deceased spouse and date of death is provided. This is not always 
> indicated on a table, though the status, single or widowed, is always 
> given. Marriage records usually provide the birth village, or at least the 
> name of the parish, for the bride and groom, and, of course, the age.
> Of course, some marriage information is only available on index tables 
> which include only the names and ages of the bride and groom, their 
> villages, and perhaps the names of two witnesses. Looking at the record, 
> not just at extracted indexes, usually does provide more information.
> Sigrid Pohl Perry
> On 3/27/2014 2:12 PM, B Hirsekorn wrote:
>> In the Volhynia marriage records, if the parents of the bride and groom 
>> are listed does that mean the parents attended the wedding?
>> I am trying to determine the most likely place to find my 
>> g-g-grandparent's death records.
>> Betty Hirsekorn
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