[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] families Mielke and Stychinsky scans

Наталья Юдина yudina-62 at inbox.ru
Thu May 22 01:06:46 PDT 2014

 Dear colleagues!

Thanks to Rose Ingram's invaluable help I managed to receive metric records about Mielke family  in Poland (in Polish)::

http://yadi.sk/d/dSdNAPZTQxsfe about Heinrich Mielke and Louise Lau's marriage in 1844 (in Vlotzlawek)

http://yadi.sk/d/d20vs9SYQxstX about the birth of their oldest daughter Emilie Augusta in 1844 (in Vlotzlawek)

http://yadi.sk/d/j3Tz9oFOQxtQE  about the birth of their daughter Paulina Berta in 1847 (in Vlotzlawek)

 ask your help in translating from Polish, especially in record about 
marriage  - it is necessary to identify the city in which the father of the
 groom, Andreas Milelke died. Can it be  Sonnenburg (present Slonsk 
in Poland)?

Henry and Louise Milkie's  son  Heinrich Fridrich Wilhelm was born in 1852 
in Kiev, Louise Lau Mielke (born 1819) died in Kremenchug in 1885. Who
 can have skancopies of these records?

I am very grateful to 
Rose for the scans of records  about Heinrich 
Milke-jr marriage with Adelheid Stychinska  in 1876 in Kiev and
 I ask to help me with a translation from German:  http://yadi.sk/d/RzQtcc1IQxwfp and search of a  catholic Stychinsky  (Styzcinsky) family (I have a record from the addressbook  1866 of Krakow about houseowner Jan Stychinsky, I assume also
 Gurnitsa in the Krakow County).

Also I need a translation from German of record about the birth in 1877 of Alphonse Leonard Mielke in Kiev  http://yadi.sk/d/KDSIrR13QxxKX

In turn I will help everybody  with the translation of Cyrillic hand-written documents.

Mit herzrlichen grüßen,
Natalia Yudina
(Moskau, Internationaler Verband der deutschen Kultur)

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