[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Genealogy software

Peter chamdo4ever at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 17:58:50 PST 2014

I just need to put in my own two cents regarding software, and show
some love to Gramps:


What's wonderful about Gramps is that it's Open Source and hence,
completely free -- both free as in beer, and free as in your important
genealogical data is not locked down to some closed source,
proprietary format.

Also, thanks to it being Open Source, Gramps can be run on Windows,
Mac, and Linux -- all versions of Gramps are free, and all are
actively being developed by Open Sources coders the world over -- not
just a single coder or two at one company. And you can export and
import your Gramps database between the different computer operating
systems without ANY loss of data! The Gedcom standard can't even boast

I was a devotee of The Master Genealogist for years, but that was
Windows only. When I began using Linux as my primary operating system,
I explored Gramps and finally converted my entire database to Gramps
earlier this year. Turns out that was very prescient, as The Master
Genealogist is no longer being developed and the security updates end
on December 31st of this year.

Being left in the lurch by closed, proprietary software (like That
Master Genealogist and countless others) is something that will never
happen with Gramps.

If you're curious to learn about importing your own genealogical data
into Gramps from proprietary, closed software, visit this link:


It's all free of charge, and insures that your genealogical data will
be liberated for posterity.

And just like the SGGEE, Gramps has a handy mailing list community
which is very helpful to new and old users:



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