[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] East Prussia Church records at Latvia Archive

marmel marmel at pctcnet.net
Thu Feb 25 21:12:43 PST 2016

Hi listmates,

There are some Lutheran church records of East Prussia (such as Bialystok, Warminsko-Mazurski, Poland) at the Latvia Archive website (plus 16 other Ev. Lutheran parishes outside the Latvian territory):
Create a user name/password and you can scroll/view the actual church book images.  Click EN in right corner for English, click Contents, click Virtual Archives, click Church books, click choice of church (Baptist, Evangelic Lutheran, Greek Catholic, Jews, etc.).  If you are looking for Evangelic Lutheran, next click Parishes outside the Latvian territory.  There are 17 listed outside Latvia, some I can decifer are: 1) Belostokas is Bialystok, Poland, 2) Minskas is Minsk, Belarus, 3) Brestlitovskas is Brest-Litowsk, likely Brest, Belarus at the border with east Poland, 4) Vilnas is Vilnius, Lithuania, 5) Polockas is Witelskischen (country?), 6) Skodas is Schodener (country?).  Other categories are for Parishes and Settlements, with the German village names included.

In all 8 categories (church books are 1 of the 8 categories) there are currently 5,777,832 images available in the online archive.  Other categories include such as Riga census, foreign policies, house registers, manuscripts (old, handwritten Latvian dictionary), Riga Polytechnic Institute (including personal files of lecturers and students), etc.

I hope another person may discover more East Prussian Lutheran Church books, within boundaries of current-day Poland or Russia, at the Latvia archive.  Does anyone know the Evangelisch Lutheran Church jurisdiction history for East Prussia?

I am looking for online Evangelisch Lutheran Church records for Bartenstein, Preussisch Eylau, Eichhorn, Glomsienen bei Eichhorn, Mueggen bei Eichhorn, Albrechtsdorf, and Worglitten of former East Prussia (now Warminsko-Mazurski, Poland).  Preussisch Eylau is Bagrationovskiy rayon in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia.  And the other villages are just 5 miles south over the line in northeast Poland.

Linda in WI
researching East Prussian surnames:  Gnoss, Scheffler, Schmiedling, Langhans, Damerau, Masuch, Bogdahn

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