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Hello committed genealogists!

Because I have had a number of private messages with regard to the book
Homeland Lost and how to purchase it, I am sending out this global email.

I'm attaching the video trailer once again also.


My small website: www.homelandlost.org.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/homelandlost

Face Book site:

My book can be found at many different online stores when you do a search
on "Homeland Lost by GJ Rachael Patterson". It is available through Barns &
Noble, Amazon etc.



Barns & Noble:

On Good Reads:

It is on Polish online book websites as well as many Christian online book

Homeland Lost comes in an e-book, soft cover, or hard cover. It can take up
to 6-8 weeks for delivery.

I'm expecting a new personal shipment sometime in March & can then get one
to anyone interested in a personalized autographed copy, but there is
always the added expense of S/H fees.

I will also be attending the Calgary SGGEE Convention this year, so would
be available to sign your copy should you purchase online beforehand and if
you will be attending the convention.

I will be doing a book signing in Westhills Chapters/ Indigo Calgary this
spring which I could announce on the listservelist. I did one at Chapters
Strathcona in Edmonton last year.


I am not promoting my book... I am addressing & answering questions that I
have been flooded with in personal emails, as well as I am promoting the
story of Ethnic Germans living in Russian-Poland through my own personal
family research.

I so appreciate all of your interest and have had nothing but good reports
from all my family & friends & other genealogists who have read my book.
Enjoy the read. Any more questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank
you immensely.

Rachael Patterson

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> Hi..The book Homeland Lost by GJ Rachael Patterson covers my own family
> research on my ancestral roots as Ethnic Germans in Russian-Poland..albeit
> written in a nonconventional (as the late Jerry Frank would say) creative
> nonfiction genre..the story records & covers their life of tragedy &
> survival in wartorn Eastern Europe. This is categorized as a
> historical/biographical/autobiographical account of family history..my plug
> is for the "story" which can be of interest to many researching their own
> family history in Russian-Poland. All the best.. ~ Rachael Patterson
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