[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] translation?

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Hi Rose,

Thank you and everyone who has offered help.  The marriage year is 1871.  Caroline Brymora kindly looked at it and told me it was in Cyrillic.  I've sent a copy to Ilona who has offered to show it to her neighbor who knows Russian.  I'm so grateful for the kindness and help everyone offers here.  I just hope I can return it someday.


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Send it to me.  I will take a peek.  If the marriage was before 1867 it would be in Polish.  Afterh 1867-1868 it would be in Russian.

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Hi all,

I stumbled across a marriage record in geneteka.genealodzy.pl for a possible relative, Christian Samuel Berwaldt to Justyna Leischner.  I don't have a clue what it's saying.  I assume it's in polish, but I can't even make the words out well enough to figure that out.  Would anyone be willing to take a look at it for me?  I'd love a full translation, but I'd be happy with just the information on Christian Samuel Berwaldt...  I have it saved as a JPG.  I could send it as an attachment, or upload it somewhere...


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