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You have some interesting family history.

I don't know of any translated records for the time period you refer to.
But I do know that there are church books from various parishes in the Lutsk Archives covering time period from about 1900 to 1914 with some years missing.

AT the SGGEE covention at the end of July we are expecting two gentlemen from the Ukraine to attend and speak about what records are housed in the Archives.  

I will write to you privately, on another matter.

Rose Ingram
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  Are there Lutheran church records translated for Lutsk area for years about
  1885 through 1907?  


  The following children of Ludwig Henkel and Franciska (nee Michaliewicz):

  Carl Henkel, born August 15, 1901 - family Bible says born in Russia, Canada
  census says born in Lutsk

  Marie Henkel, born July 30, 1906 - family Bible says born in Russia, Canada
  census says born in Lutsk


  If I could find records of these births/baptisms perhaps the marriage record
  of my grandparents, Ludwig Henkel and Franciska Michaliewicz, could be
  found.  I have no date or location for their marriage but assume it was
  before 1901 and could be Lutsk area since that is where their first child,
  Carl, was born.


  Franciska Michaliewicz was born January 15, 1881 in Tyszyca (or Tyszmienca),
  Galicia to Johann Michaliewicz and Marie Tuczek.   Her baptism was in
  Josefow on April 11, 1881.  The birth certificate I have for Franciska is
  puzzling.  It is an English translation supposedly done in Ashern, Manitoba
  after my grandparents came to Canada.  (I would be happy to scan and e-mail
  a copy if you write me personally)  It states birth and baptism are in
  Josefow records, Book 5, Page 75, No. 32 of the year 1881.  It was certified
  at the office of the Evangelical Church Congregation at Josefow on the 30th
  of April, 1900 by Rev. F. Wagner.  The minister listed for the baptism
  Moritz or Ledemann.  I'm not sure what Josefow this is.  Witnesses are
  Daniel Depner (landowner) and Valentina Breuer (landowner).  I have been
  unable to find any information on her father, Johann Michaliewicz - no
  birth, marriage to Marie Tuczek, or death records.   However her mother,
  Marie Tuczek, was born Sept. 6, 1844 in Czermin to Johann Tuczek and Anna
  Prowaznik.  I do not know if Franciska had siblings.  I suspect not as a
  cousin said "Grandma Francis" mentioned that when she was young she
  travelled to Vienna with her mother as her mother was a maid for a wealthy


  Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!

  Carole (Henkel) Schlesselman




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