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THe online 1809 birth records of Szymanowice are nice and clear.  

I agree with you. It makes sense to use the nearest church at that time, before Lutheran churches were established. 

Using  http://mapa.szukacz.pl/ I also see Lisewo and Kolonia Lisewo a little north of Szymanowice.  


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  I have a geography puzzle I am hoping folks here can help me put together.

  I have a strong suspicion that my three times great-grandmother Magdalena
  Eberhard was born c1811 in the village of Kolonia Lissowska. I have found
  two other girls with the same parents born around the same time in this
  village. Unfortunately I am having some trouble figuring out where this
  village is (was) located.

  An 1809 birth record from Szymanowice parish (Catholic) shows that
  Chrystyna Eberchardt, daughter of Jakob Eberchardt and Małgorzata Roza, was
  born in the village of Kolonia Lissowska.

  An 1833 marriage record from Grodziec parish (Lutheran) shows Anna Barbara
  Eberhart, age 18 (born c1815), daughter of Jakob Eberhart and Małgorzata
  Russ, married Augustyn Maj in the village of Kolonia Lissowska. Anna was
  also born in Kolonia Lissowska and lived there at the time of her marriage.
  Her father was a schoolteacher (nauczyciel) in the village.

  Unfortunately there is no such village to be found in the SGGEE
  Congress-Poland gazetteer. I looked at the "Słownik geograficzny Królestwa
  Polskiego i innych krajów słowiańskich" and couldn't find the village there
  either. However I did find one named Lisewska kolonia located 25 versts
  from Słupca in Słupca county, Dłusk commune, Zagórów parish.


  Alternately, Kolonia Lissowska could refer to the larger village of Lissewo
  (Lisewo in Polish), also located in Słupca county, Dłusk commune, but in
  Szymanowice parish. This would make more sense of the 1809 birth record. It
  would also make sense of Anna's father in that the Lutheran church
  maintained a school and bethaus in Lissewo since the days this region
  formed part of "South Prussia" after the Second Partition of Poland.

  Does anyone know Kolonia Lissowska?



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