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Helen Gillespie gilleh23 at gmail.com
Sat May 28 05:45:05 PDT 2016

An eclectic collection,

1)  A link to digitized books and periodicals on Poland, in particular the
Lodz region.  Sadly all are in German, but


2)  From the Archives.org  website , an interesting publication - by the US
Government, Bureau of Education, on the state of education in Poland in
1922, presumably a review of the educational system post WWI and the newly
created government of Poland - which now included Wolhynia.  I know my Mom
did go to the Polish school for a short time, and German was permitted for
a short time and probably together with confirmation classes.  Mom was 14
and part of the last group confirmed in Solomka, Kr. Rowno, in 1939 before
all the ethnic Germans were resettled in Wartegau.

ERIC ED540383: Education in Poland. Bulletin, 1922, No. 4

3)  If you're searching in Saskatchewan - Weyburn geneologist documenting
homestead graves

4)  I'd heard of Reuben Drefs before - a researcher from North Dakota's
Germans from Russia group, but had not seen some of his contributions:
- In English!  1793-94 Land records in South Prussia and researching in
Mr. Drefs was a former SGGEE member but I believe he now lives in Toledo,


For our American researchers, have a good  Memorial Day weekend...


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